Prof. i.v. Dr. Nathalie Bredella
Di. 15:45–17:15 Uhr
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Lecture Series Architectural Theory Master: Cultural Techniques and the Digital

With increasing digitalization, the way we perceive and interact with the world is profoundly changing. This lecture explores the conditions, effects, and aesthetics of digital tools in design and discusses design concepts associated with the introduction of the computer in architecture. The focus is on the one hand how (digital) tools shape the things they store, transmit and process, and on the other how cultural techniques of design shape the use of digital tools. Topics of the lecture include visualization, automation, and self-organization as well as standardization and non-standardization.

WS 21/22

Prof. i.v. Dr. Nathalie Bredella

Lecture Series Architectural Theory Bachelor

The yearlecture series Architecture Theory provides an overview of design strategies, spatial concepts and social images of the 20th and 21st century. It focuses on the cultural history of architecture and urban discourse as well as its interrelations with political debates, technical conditions, economic developments, social practices and aesthetic ideas of the respective period. Based on current issues, the emphasis of the course lies in the theoretical reflection and historical analysis of architectural thought collectives in the context of politics, art, science, and technology.